Karen Macek

About the artist

An artist and designer working in oil, acrylic, and computer graphics Macek grew up in a military family, graduated from the Ealing School of Art in London, and had a career in the garment industry for more than 30 years.  However, painting was “put aside” until retirement even though so much of her professional and community activities have been rooted in her creative abilities. Now retired and busier than ever, Karen has been painting and exhibiting in local venues in and around Savannah, Georgia.

Inspired by her environment and her travels, Karen's paintings utilize vivid color and expressive brush and knife strokes--
".... from shifting skies, from marsh to mountain, shadows and reflections of everyday life; contrasts and colors seem more intense since I started painting again.  I can’t help but look at my surroundings and imagine how I would paint it ..”

The result translates to a palpable excitement in the finished work which the viewer experiences.

It is more the act of painting than the finished work that gives her satisfaction.
“There is something about that process that excites me.  It is a conversation between my brush, my canvas, and me that continues to challenge. Once I get involved in the work, I simply lose track of time. I love it when a piece almost paints itself.”

Contributes annually to The One Hundred Club Bear Gala- benefiting the Children’s Hospital                       in Savannah; donating paintings for auction items.
Designs posters and collateral printed materials for local charitable fundraisers.
Active member of Landings Art Association, Co-chair Spring Art Show 2012, 2013. 2017
Attended workshops by Prof. Linda Warner, SCAD; Jaime Howard; Betsy Cain; Jane Slivka;
  Julie Hanson; Christine Sajecki; West Fraser; Judy Crane; Deama Tolle Perry, William McCarthy,
  Larry Moore.
Member of TAG, Telfair Academy Guild
Member of ARC, Arts Resource Collective

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